Various Marine Painting Styles (Part 3)

    (Illustrator: Andi Setyawan/ NMN)

    It does not seem obvious to categorize marine paintings within the various Art History styles: Classicism, Neo-classicism, Romantism, Academism… Maybe better create new neologisms, what we tried to do.
    For now, only “Modern Art” will be the subject of a special page.
    Being unable to find a better classsification, all these “styles” are here in alphabetical order.
    Are obviously under this appellation all the contemporary artists with a modern style orientation, each one having his own style. Check specific page.
    This word is in no way pejorative, but it was necessary to find one. In this group, you will find artists not much concerned by representation, but producing works with a lot of charm, sensibility and originality.
    This terminology has very few relation with the official appellation of the Art historians. We included here the artists, generally of the XIXth century, who moved out of the XVIIIth classicism, as well in composition, now more imposant and filling the whole canvas area, than in the concern to get an alive, realist, stunning work generally reflecting a recent event.
    Here, the sea is almost a secondary element in the composition. Except the fabulous work of Vernet and Ozanne, this belongs mostly to the XIXth century. In fact it is again more a theme than a style.
    This is not very common in marine painting, and it had not been categorized. Three artists only, as far as we know: Rogest, Signac et Van Rysselberghe.
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